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23 January 2019

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  • The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) is closed for major renovation. The work has started in 2011 and will take until 2021. The masterplan of the new museum is a project by KAAN Architecten. Karin Borghouts is the official photographer of these works.

    Newest update April 25, 2019

    Het nieuwe museum

  • Art Festival Watou

    Art Festival Watou

    The 37th edition of the Watou Art Festival takes over the village situated on the French border.…

  • City Photographer in MAS Antwerp

    City Photographer in MAS Antwerp

    The exhibition ‘City Photographer’ will bring Antwerp’s many faces to the MAS Boulevard…

  • Special Edition 'Vincent was here'

    Special Edition 'Vincent was here'

    New Photo Book VINCENT WAS HERE Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890) moved from place to place from quite…

  • Gent Floraliën

    Gent Floraliën

    The Ghent Floralies (Floraliën Gent) is a unique exhibition of flowers and plants in historical…