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'Prison in protected landscape' in Merksplas

4 May 2017

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  • Solo exhibition. Commissioned by AR-TUR, Karin Borghouts depicts the prisons of Merksplas and Hoogstraten. She was permitted to have an exclusive view behind the bars of these settings. She zooms in on interiors and surroundings and reveals the surprising relationship between these prisons and the landscape.
    This photoproject is part of the research of AR-TUR’s KEMPENLAB 1: ‘Caught in protected landscape’ (Gevangen in beschermd landschap).
    The colonies of Wortel and Merksplas are unique places, a fantastic blend of nature and architecture. There is a chance that in 2018, two hundred years after the foundation, they will be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Solo exhibition with Karin Borghouts’ photos in the chapel of the colony of Merksplas (near the Dutch border), from May 4th to 28th, 2017.
    Kapelstraat, 2330 Merksplas BE

    This exhibition is part of Cultuurhuis de Warande festival “Groeten uit de kolonies”
    Check out activities by AR-TUR and openinghours here.
    The last Sunday May 28 the exhibition is open until 4 pm in the presence of the artist photographer

    Interview in 100% Cultuur May 13, 2017