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Interbellum house Huib Hoste in Knokke

24 March 2018

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  • The house De Beir is a modernist building designed by the Belgian architect Huib Hoste in 1924. It is situated in Knokke Belgium close to the Northsea. Gallery Ronny Van de Velde commissioned Karin Borghouts to photograph exterior and interiors and will organize four art exhibitions in the house during 2018. The photographs of the house and of the exhibitions are published in the books accompanying the exhibitions.

    Huib Hoste en zijn tijdgenoten
    Belgian Avant-Garde 1914 -1930
    March 25 – May 14, 2018, with publication
    Open Thu-Sun 12am-6pm and also open on Monday 2 April, Monday 30 April;, Tuesday 1 May and Thursday 10 May
    Closed Friday 30 March, Saturday 31 March, Friday 27 April and Saturday 28 April

    with artists Felix De Boeck, Prosper De Troyer, Pierre Flouquet, J.J.Gailliard, Huib Hoste, Oscar Jespers, Paul Joostens, Jos Leonard, Karel Maes, René Magritte, Jozef Peeters, Jules Schmalzigaug, Victor Servranckx , Edmond Van Dooren, Hubert Wolfs, a.o.

    Amédée Cortier (1921 -1976)
    May 19 – July 23, 2018, with publication

    Willy De Sauter (°1938)
    August 2 – September 4, 2018, with publication

    Boy & Erik Stappaerts (°1969)
    September 30 – November 18, 2018, with publication

    Gallery Ronny Van de Velde
    Huis De Beir
    Dumortierlaan 8 - 8300 Knokke Belgium