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Japan in Croxhapox

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  • ‘View in a Japanese garden’, soloexhibition (crox 322) in croxhapox experimental art center, 9000 Ghent BE. Nov 29 - Dec 20, 2009
    The photographs of this exhibition were made in Japan, a commissioned assignment by European Eyes on Japan, Japan Today in Tokyo (2005). After several exhibitions in Japan and Greece this was the first exhibition in Belgium.
    Japan. How does it feel to be released in a country on the other side of the globe? ‘Lost in translation’, but not only that. Seeing an environment that, at first sight, has nothing to do with the cliché images that we have stored in our memory. Seeing similarities but feeling huge cultural differences. For Western eyes, Japan seems to be a country of paradoxes. In the photos that Karin Borghouts has taken in Japan, the Japanese longing for control and a kind of impotence is perceptible. Averse to stereotypes, beauty also is pictured in the very balanced and accurate framed photos of landscapes, interiors and city views. Karin Borghouts exposes her Japan photos for the first time in Belgium. On a large format. Subtly she will add a few new images.
    Watch video. Finissage December 20, 2009 with the musical performance Kikkers in een rijstveld by Dirk Veulemans.
    At the same time in croxhapox: exhibition of painting and sculptures of Yoshimasa Matsumoto ‘Involved’ and a videoinstallation by Jerry Galle ‘Double Yes’.

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