• Exhibitions
  • Soloexhibition in ElimArt, an artproject of Elim, psychotherapeutic center, in Kapellen, BE. Curator: Rob Bruyninckx. November 21, 2009 - March 28, 2010

    Passage. There is a corridor. There are two windows in the corridor. Interior windows. Behind these windows is a wall. Behind each window a photograph. A photo of a corridor. A passage and after that another passage. Then a mirror. A photograph of a patio. A curtain and a mirror. In the mirror the reflection of a curtain. A door. Behind the door a door opening without door. A passage to a white room. The white room has three white walls and a window. The window has an outside view. Three white walls, slanted with respect to the window. A photograph on each wall. A photo of a white space. A photo of a black window. A photograph of a photo of a white room, within a white room. There are three exits in the white room. One inside- and two outside-exits.
    A description of the project in pdf is available on demand (Dutch). Look here at the video ‘Elimited’ by Karin Borghouts made in Elim. Music ‘Qui pleure là ’ by Dirk Veulemans (05:14)

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