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  • Studiestukken (Study items), artproject of Karin Borghouts in collaboration with the Museum Morphology and the Sciencemuseum University Ghent in the Library of Visual Arts (Kunstbib), University Ghent (Boekentoren), Ghent, BE. October 2 - November 27, 2009.
    The library (Boekentoren) is one of European’s defining examples of modernist architecture, designed by the renowned architect Henri Van de Velde. Especially for the Library of Visual Arts Karin Borghouts made an exhibition with both photographs and real scientific study items. What happens when a scientific object moves into another context? She organized two meetings with the public and the students, the museum custodians and the artist/librarian. A description of the project in pdf is available on demand (Dutch).

  • Churches in STAM Ghent


    Churches in STAM Ghent

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  • Verbeeld Verleden, Antwerp


    Verbeeld Verleden, Antwerp

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  • Japan in Croxhapox


    Japan in Croxhapox

    ‘View in a Japanese garden’, soloexhibition (crox 322) in croxhapox experimental art…

  • Saga, Japan


    Saga, Japan

    Karin Borghouts was invited to photograph in Japan in December 2005 at the invitation of the…